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Re: new IC..altho a newbie to this group I am a 13+ yr brewer..instead of a new IC break your present one into 2 or 3 if U can find a 4 way connection (tees are easier to find...think about it ..the first foot of an ic is MUCH better at cooling than the next foot...a "trifecta is AMAZING!!
1)fast coolant flow of a 2)cool liquid and 3)periodic agitation (which is why sticking it in a snow bank will work poorly) is the answer but the quickest is a CFC flowing back to a IC containing pot whose walls have been hosed down-cover the burner

Hi Hank, glad ya made it.  I'm having trouble visualizing exactly what you mean by breaking your current IC into 2 or 3 parts.  Could you give a bit more info?

Instead of a 30' coil have 2 X15' or 3X10' runs...I wrote a little comment for my brewclub on's a bit long but I have gotten some good feedback ..shall I post it?

Yes, it may inspire some modifications or additions.

I would agree that this would work. I don't know the math to use but in the case of 3-10' sections hooked up in parallel the temp of the water entering each section is the same coldest temp. In a single IC or 3-10' sections hooked up in series the temp entering the 2nd section is greater than the 1st and the temp entering the 3rd section is hotter still.
I believe the limiting factor would be how much water pressure you have to feed the most amount of parallel sections.

If you do any measurements I'd be interested in knowing the time savings in doing this.


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