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Great Lakes Variety Pack


Anyone else a fan of this?

Cheaper than Sam Adams if I need the bottles too.

I haven't had the variety pack, but I have had some of their beers.  Most recent was the Elliot Ness, a Vienna Lager, and it was very good.  I usually get one beer from that brewery, but a different style every time I go to the beer store.  Not one beer has disappointed me yet.

I would not think twice - get it.  IMO Great Lakes is one of the best small/regional breweries in the country.  Edmund Fitz, Elliot Ness, Dortmunder Gold, Burning River Pale, all excellent beers - the first 2 are my faves.

Wish I could get that down here! (I have a friend who's family is in Cleveland, so we occassionally have a beer mule).

Elliot Ness and Edmund Fitzgerald were my favorites too.


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