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Belgian Quadrupel ideas

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I think I'm gonna do a quadrupel kinda thing for my 400th batch, 2 batches away.  I'll have a slurry of WY3787 from the Patersbier I'm making this weekend.  Other than that, I'll use a bunch of Best pils malt and 1.5 lb. (liquid weight) of D2 that I've got around.  I'll check some local markets for other exotic sugars, too.  I've got a small (4 gr.?) package of grains of paradise I was thinking of using, and maybe some coriander.  What do you all think so far?  Any other ideas or suggestions?

It's funny you mention this Denny. I recently purchased a tube of WLP530 that I'm planning to use for a BPA and then use the slurry from that for a Belgian Quad.

I am planning to use some Belgian Cany Syrup...maybe some D2. I like your idea of Grains of Paradise. Maybe a small addition of Special B. I'm not sure of the base malt yet. Probably a blend of Pils/Munich... :-\

I'll also be interested in seeing what kind of input you'll get here.

Definitely a long aging process. Probably a year in the glass.

I like the idea of some Special B and Munich.  Maybe some CaraMunich.  The issue I keep running into is that other than the yeast, it starts sounding like Rochefort.  Not that that's a bad thing, but I'm trying to differentiate it somehow.

Except for the spices, what you have sounds like Westvleteren 12.

Munich, Special B and CaraMunich are all dubbel-like flavors.  If you want to make a bigger dubbel, try that.  Try dark Munich.

If you want to keep it more Barleywine-like (Scaldis/Bush), use more sugar and some CaraVienne perhaps.  See what I wrote on that for the Barleywine article in Zymurgy.

Can you describe the target profile you're seeking?  You have a good base, but it depends on what direction you want to go.  Color, flavors, attenuation, etc. are what will differentiate it based on what you add next.

I wanted to try this recipe for a while.  Lots of sugars but also much more malt backbone than I've done before in a quad.

I've also messed with fermentation temperature a bit.  My last quad with that yeast was pitched at 68 but fermented up to 80+ degrees.


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