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I finally got my home-made stir plate running.  A few questions:

• I've seen images of stir plate with this huge vortex that almost goes to the bottom of the flask.  How important is this for yeast growth?

• My stir plate just kept things in suspension with a very small vortex that extended maybe 1/2" below the surface of the wort.  What can I do to improve this?  I currently have a 2" stir bar.

Any input is appreciated.

Oh...just did a search:

I guess that answered my question.  Majorvices and Jamil agreeing in the same thread...must be some damn good advice!

As long as the yeast is kept in suspension the stir plate is doing it's job. The yeast must not flocculate.

Yeast still flocculates on a stir plate. I see that with my lager yeasts. You can see small flocks of yeast and it's a sign that they are done. But you are correct in that the stir plate keeps them from laying on top of each other.


Matt B:
I just replied to the main thread that NorthernIke posted asking about aeration, as I had similar questions.


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