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worried my fermentation may be stuck early

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In my first attempt in all grain brewing i made an IPA. the OG was  1.050 and currently the gravity is at 1.020. the last time checked, which was 4-6 days ago it was also at 1.020. Isnt the gravity too high to be finished yet? I'm worried i may have ruined my first batch of all grain beer  :'(

Any help would be appreciated.


Please post the specifics of your recipe so that we can further assist you.

grain bill
mash temp
yeast and quantity
pitching temp
ferm temp

I wouldnt say it is "ruined" just yet. I have had a couple batches finish pretty high, and they werent the best tasting beers, but they were tolerable. You can try rousing the yeast by heating it up a few degrees or pitching some more yeast. Im sure someone else will have better advice, but that is just my 2cents

grain bill - 10# US 2 row, .75#Caramel Pils, .25#Briess Caramel 120
mash temp - 153 for 60 mins
yeast and quantity - US-05, didnt use a starter but fermentation was chugging along 12 hours after pitched
pitching temp - around 68-69
ferm temp - ambient 64-65 beer was around 67-68

sounds like you did everything okay - are you positive your thermometer is reading properly?  have you calibrated it recently?

I would expect that grain bill to have no problems attenuating very well with US-05 given a 60 min 153df mash.


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