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Whatcha Brewin' this week -- 2009 Dec 16 - Dec 22?

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Planning on a German pils using Best Malz pils malt for the first time.

Matt B:
Doing a batch of my summer ale this weekend. It's a non-wheat, crisp, clean, reasonably high gravity, knock you on your backside if you're not careful, ale, that despite me usually making it during the summer, has gotten enough requests lately to do another batch even though it's almost winter. I'm also kegging my apricot hefeweizen this weekend.

Summer ale?  Do you live in the southern hemisphere???  ;)

If all goes as planned this week I'd like to brew a Wee Heavy on Sunday. Time will tell.  8)

10 gallons of Dry Stout. Simple recipe, 70% MO, 20% Flaked Barley, 10% Roasted Barley. Somewhere between 1.040-1.050 probably. Magnums at 60 minutes. Thinking 5 gallons on US-05 and 5 gallons on WY1469. Maybe keg the 1469 and secondary the US-05 on 2 lbs of high quality dark chocolate.


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