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Author Topic: 2 stage lime decarbonation plant  (Read 2926 times)

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2 stage lime decarbonation plant
« on: April 28, 2011, 06:07:37 pm »
I'm planning on construction a gravity-fed decarbonation plant, and wanted to get some feedback. I'm thinking of using a 30 gallon and two 60 gallon tanks for this. Basically, the the 30 gallon would be the highest and I would use it for magnesium hardness reduction, then I would have the bottom of the tank ported to dump in the first 60g tank, where it would mix with 30 gallons of untreated water to precipitate the untreated water's carbonate hardness. The bottom of that tank would be ported also, and it would drain into the final tank for storage, or it could drain directly into a hot-liquor tank, or be pumped from storage tank into hot liquor tank.

Would it be helpful to use inductor tanks for this, or would plain flat-bottom tanks work fine? I'm not really sure how much precipitation I'll be getting in each tank.

Has anyone tried anything like this?
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