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As many years as I've been a computer geek, I have never had a problem stump me like this one. I'm having a continuing problem trying to play 44.1k audio files. It started a few months back, went away, and is back again.  The computer is a Toshiba laptop, several years old, with the standard built in Realtek audio hardware.  After a lot of screwing around at that time and many driver installs, I found that it may have had something to do playing a Flash video. After playing one, my computer would lock up when trying to play a 44.k audio file in any format on any piece of audio software I have installed. I was able to get it to work again by deleting my audio hardware in device manager (Win XP, current SP), rebooting, then letting it reinstall itself. Well, that trick no longer works and I'm frustrated. I'm at the point where I'd even pay to have somebody fix this. Does anyone know of any super geek forums where I could go and spill my woes?

try superuser.com

You could also try running dxdiag (type dxdiag at the command prompt)

Also, try going to microsoft with your question

Try this one Denny.



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