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Author Topic: What's Brewing This Weekend? - 4/1 Edition  (Read 10611 times)

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Re: What's Brewing This Weekend? - 4/1 Edition
« Reply #60 on: April 04, 2011, 08:13:37 am »
perfect brewnight, 'cept as I am cleaning up stuff and the WIC is cranking away, I look over to see my flameout hops sitting on the scale  :'(

threw them in at 180df so I should get something. and then worst case, I'll just have to dryhop more, but I'm still pissed cause it was otherwise a flawless session.
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Re: What's Brewing This Weekend? - 4/1 Edition
« Reply #61 on: May 01, 2011, 09:34:41 pm »
Blatz, if you cut the water off to the IC and did a "Hop Stand" for and hour or so, you'd get a great hop flavor and aroma profile.
I brewed an IPA last week that was all FWH, Hop stand at 180F, covered overnight till it got down to 100F, CFWC down to 65F, pitched the yeast and when it is done will dry hop in the keg. Really looking forward to this one.