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I planned on getting a keg kit in the near future and was wondering if anyone knew if the EPA would actually ban co2 canister purchases for carbonating beer based on their study that CO2 is bad for humans, etc.  They could/would not do that, correct?  Should I still get my keg kit that I have been waiting for!!


CO2 is naturally occurring gas.
It is in the atmosphere and we breath it all the time.
You can get refills in welding supply shops or fire extinguisher shops.

Yes you should get your kegging system.

Some people think beer is harmful to humans.  I feel a great deal on sympathy for the fool who tries to outlaw that.  >:(

I just got my kegging system and kegged for the first time last weekend.  The recycle bins will have lots of bottles in it this week ( still saving some for comps and stuff ).

No worries mate. Just do it!  You'll be glad you did too.

I'm thinking that if there was no C02, then plants couldn't carry on photosynthesis and produce oxygen. Therefore, the more C02, the healthier the plants. The healthier the plants, the more oxygen.

Moral of the story and my goal . . produce as much C02 as possible . . .


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