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What do you all use for potential extract from Corn Sugar when formulating your recipes?  I've always used Promash and never questioned it. Promash uses 1.046. During Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day a buddy said it's 1.037 (a number from Noonan, iirc).  I was brewing a dubbel, which had a significant amount of corn sugar.  We pulled out several books and did some web searching and didn't find anything close to a consensus.  Next day, I dissolved 1 oz corn sugar in 1 cup water (to simulate 1 lb in 1 gallon) and measured it (w/ refractometer and converted to s.g.) at 1.038.  Due to the small amounts, this little experiment is greatly affected by small measurement errors, so I'm not highly confident in the results.


95%, or 1.0439 - and it would have to be 1 oz dissolved in a TOTAL of 8 fl oz for your experiment to work.

Not sure what you mean by 95%.  95% of the potential extract of sucrose?

The change in volume from adding 1 oz corn sugar to 1 cup water was less than the thickness of the line on my measuring cup, hence my caveat about small measurement errors.

Right, potential extract is commonly given as a percentage, compared to sucrose. Pale malt, for example, will generally be around 80%.

It's interesting that your results were so different though.

I see, that makes sense.  I don't recall seeing PE given as a percentage before.

I'm not sure why my result was so low either, other than measurement error.  I need a more accurate method to measure volume.  I measured the sugar to the nearest gram, which is as close as I can get w/ my scale.  I could convert the volume of water to a weight and measure it that way, but w/out knowing the density of the corn sugar I can't calculate the precise weight of water I would need to end up w/ 8 fl oz of solution.

I did a little more web searching and all I found was more different numbers. has a table listing corn sugar at 40 pppg.


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