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Oops... wanted Munich but ordered "Caramel Munich"


Oops.... ::) :o

Is Caramel Munich just a crystal malt? Does it actually have any Munich qualities?  ???

I will be making a Scottish that calls for a pound of caramel 60 and a half-pound of Munich. Can I just substitute the pound of  "Caramel Munich" for the Caramel 60 and still add the half-pound of Munich?? ???

If not, what would you recommend?


Check out this link & see what you think.

definitely read what hamiltont linked and decide for yourself, but I personally would prefer caramunich over c-60L in that recipe, and definitely add the munich as well - the two are not mutually exclusive.

Tom.... thanks... that was very informative (and I bookmarked it).

Blatz... based on the above, I would lean towards what you said ... but you provided the confidence for me to do it...

Thanks guys !!!  I appreciate it.. :) :)


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