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Making a Belgian

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Okay I'm trying a Belgian, have a look, any suggestions?  This will be my first.

This is for a 5.5 gallon batch and I'm getting terrible efficiency around 63% on my last brew so I've pumped up the grains.  Shooting for an OG of 1.080, boil volume 7.25.

9# American Pils
6# German Vienna
2# Rye
1.5# Sugar
.25# Special B

.75 oz Target for 60m  pellet
1 oz Strisselspalt 15m  pellet
1 oz Strisselspalt at knockout   pellet

Mash for 60+ and boil for 90

WY3724 from a 3000 ml starter ferment at 70F

Do you think the rye would give it too much mouthfeel... too spicy maybe? 

For my tastes, I'm not sure how the rye and the 3724 would go together.  The spicy phenolics of the yeast might conflict wqith the rye.  But that's me....could be perfect for you.

Originally I was not going to use the rye, but I have some rye and thought I it might add a little color and zestiness to it.  I'd like to read some more opinions on it.  Considering my mash ph is so high right now I might be better off using some dark malts instead but I'm not sure about using any roasted grains in a Belgian?

What kind of sugar are you planning to use. I use dark candy syrup that works really well with a Dubbel.


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