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This probably sounds stupid but how do you use your pump between the mashtun and your brew kettle?  Do you just valve it off enough to keep the pump from sucking faster than the run-off or what?   ??? 

A lot of people use a grant....a vessel that the wort runs into and is then pumped from there.

How do you clean and sanitize it from that point before using it after the wort has boiled?  I guess its not a big deal seeing as I'd have at least an hour during the boil anyway, just wondering.   ???

I've read some folks like to pump near boiling water through it prior to doing a sanitary transfer. I just started using a pump for transfers... but I use a gravity feed for transferring my chilled wort into the fermentation vessel.

Maybe I'm making too much of it?  The wort would be right around 212*F...  :-\


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