Author Topic: Shipping Beers from Mid-Atlantic area to San Diego for NHC  (Read 1259 times)

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Our club is shipping our beers and gear (jockey box, tools, etc.) from the Baltimore area out to San Diego.  One of our members works for a company that does a lot of shipping, has a shipping department, and shrink-wraps all the goods onto a pallet for us.  They get discounted rates, and just pass it on to us at their cost.  We have shipped beers this way to Denver, Oakland, and now San Diego.

If anyone from nearby areas is pondering if and how you will get beers out to San Diego, and you could get your beers and gear down (or up or over) to the Baltimore area, we are happy to share the costs of shipping our stuff together.  We won't have a lot going out this year, so there will be plenty of room on the pallet.

The shipping guys say it will be six (6) days from Sparks, MD (where they are located) to San Diego.  We're planning to have the beers arrive on Tuesday (when we will be getting there) or Wednesday of conference week.  The shipping destination is pending info from the Club Night coordinator.

You'd be responsible for sending or shipping your stuff back. (I fit two empty kegs in a big suitcase and stuff 'em with dirty laundry.)

If you're interested and want to talk, contact me here or through my email link that you'll find on our home page in my signature.
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