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Heading to San Diego in March

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My wife just gave me airline tickets to San Diego in March while I'm on spring break.  We are planning on hitting up Stone, Lost Abbey, Alesmith, Ballistic, Green Flash, and Alpine.  Is there anything that we may be missing on this trip?


Pizza Port / Port Brewing  but if you are at Lost Abbey you are at Port Brewing.

I'd recommend the Pizza Port pubs in addition to Port Brewing/Lost Abbey brewery.  I've been to the Carlsbad & Solana Beach locations and both are great experiences.

I was recently out there and visited Breakwater in Oceanside.  One of the brewers from Pizza Port is brewing there.  Others I've been to in the past that had decent beers at the time are San Diego Brewing and Coronado Brewing Co.  I haven't been there but Ballast Point might be another place to stop.

If you'd like to check out some good beers and great garlic fries (the other food is good too) without driving all over San Diego, check out O'Brien's Pub.

Definitely go to Ballast Point. Both locations if you can (Since there's no such place as Ballistic - I assume this is what you meant. Besides, it's my favorite local and also my LHBS). Pizza Port Carlsbad is my favorite of Pizza Port Chain, although the Port/Lost Abbey brewery can be cool too. Might as well go to Stone, it's pretty fancy pantsy. Plus they have daily free brewery tours complete with free samples. Green Flash and Alesmith are cool, both pretty standard production breweries as far as visitation is concerned - great beers though. Alpine is really out of the way and has weird hours, so if you plan on making that trek, make sure you time it correctly.

There's also a buttload of good beer bars in town. Most of them are a short cab ride or medium walk. There is, O'Briens, Hamilton's, Small Bar, Toronado SD, Blind Lady and Live Wire. All have their own charm and great selections. All but Live Wire have food, and good food at that.


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I had forgotten they opened up a Toronado in SD when I was out there earlier this month.  Darn, I'll have to plan another trip. ;D


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