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What's cookin' for the Holidays folks?

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Just wondering what special recipes, treats or dishes everyone's planning to serve over the holidays.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to have yet this holiday season. I'm thinking a smoked Pork Shoulder might be in order. hmmm.  :-\

nuttin special - just the traditional rib roast and all the fixins, a nice napa cabernet to go with it (this is after many pints while playing cornhole during the cooking of the roast).

Gonna dry age a rib roast for 4 days. Never done it before, but gonna give it a whirl. Then a simple salt crust and roast to about rare. Gonna do some whole carrots on the side with a greek seasoning with honey and carmelized onions.

We are doing the traditional Slovakian Christmas (Vianoce)  feast.

We will start with Oplatky with honey.

Then some Lokse and Pagace.

Next coarse Riba.

Slovakian potato salad, (forget what that is called in Slovakian)

Kysla Kapusta Poleyevka.

And of coarse beer. Lots of beer and a little Slivovitsa

A few other things too.

Ill post pics.

I'm going to roast my first turkey :)


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