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Author Topic: Blichmann Beer Gun  (Read 9333 times)

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Re: Blichmann Beer Gun
« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2011, 09:33:08 am »
I would add that "Go fast" should not inlcude the actual fill of individual bottles.  Filling slowly will minimize CO2 outgassing.

Yes, I should have been more clear. Time to fill a bottle is slow and time between bottles is minimized. With two people you can go immediately from bottle to bottle.

I'll start at 2 PSI. Often this results in a "cap on beer" situation which I don't like because it freaks out judges and is awkward to pour. I'll turn it up until I get about have an inch of headspace, but capping on foam. Once I have that dialed in, I fill a bottle, hand to wife, fill a bottle etc. Maybe 2 seconds that the beer isn't flowing. That keeps it from warming in the line and keeps you from losing c02 there. We have a good rhythm. She'll have bottles in sanitizer, move them to the freezer, move the ones that have been in the freezer longest out to use etc. I think her job is much harder than mine. We will about once a month just bottle off a few partial kegs. So it ends up being 3-5 cases in around 90 minutes start to finish. Pretty efficient.