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Concern about lagering.

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This is my first time brewing a lager. I originally was going to just lager it during my secondary fermentation but after I pitched the yeast at 67 degrees I decided that I would lager it at 42-44 degrees for both the first and secondary. I pitched the yeast Saturday night and I've been checking up on it for the past few days and I've noticed that there is only a thin layer of kraeusen. I'm worried that I pitched my yeast at the wrong temperature. Should I add another packet of lager yeast now that its at the correct temperature or just give the present yeast time to work?

wait, you're PRIMARYing at 42-44df?  that's too cold if so, man.


What is the beer your making. Your typical lager will be pitched and fermented around 50F.

And not only are you fermenting too cold, you pitched the yeast too warm, IMO.

What yeast and how much did you pitch when you pitched?


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