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Happy Festivus! Air your grievances here!

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Please limit yourself to 3 grievances per post. (No, this rule cannot be used as a grievance)

1. Why do pregnant women have to be SO MOODY! Why can't my wife just believe me when I tell her she looks great without arguing about it? It's a freaking complement!!!

2. I wish Christmas cookies wouldn't be so delicious. Maybe that way, I don't eat the entire plate within 1 day of it being delivered ( like I did yesterday).

3. I hate bottling beer. It's not the actual process of bottling so much as the prep and clean up work. I should just keg.

1.  Why do I have to work for a living?  I'm sick and tired of working, I just want to drink and play.

2.  Why can't my kids get good jobs and support me like I've done for them for the past 25 years.

3.  Why does the door Nazi at Walmart always stop me and look through my shopping cart like I'm a thief?

1) dbeechum's avatar is creepy! Those eyes follow you, and what's he smiling about?

2) my $#!^ coffee machine needs to be repaired every 12-18 months to the tune of about $200

3) Dr. Phil, Suzie Orman et al - peddling common sense as if they invented it!

Why did my parents' generation have to spend us into a recession, so that we twenty-somethings can't get jobs? ($1000 coffee maker guy, I'm looking at you!)


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