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Whatcha brewin' this week? - 2009 Dec 23 - Dec 30

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I'll be attempting a scottish 60 for the first time on Sunday.   ;D

I need to get 12 gallons of Classic American Pilsner going this week. Plus keg my Abbey Singel and Saison :D

HAPPY FESTIVUS! I hope you all are ready for some feats of strength!  ;D

Seriously though, I'll be brewing an APA and an Ordinary Bitter over the weeked.

Barleywine Monday!

I brewed a classic dunkelweizen recipe this morning, I'm growing fond of those these days.

I have a DIPA (1.100 and 150 IBU) thats a week in primary.  The yeast is settling down now.

I have next week off and want to brew a Vienna lager (reviving frozen WLP830 today) and possibly a dubbel although I still have a keg of dubbel that I've yet to start drinking.  I figure to bottle this one though, got my corks in earlier in the week.

Tankdeer, that ordinary bitter sounds good too.  I kind of got away from those but I think it might be time to bring one back online.


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