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What Did You Do Over the Christmas Holiday?

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I decided to build a newer, bigger, better, (mostly blue) mashtun . .

Coleman Extreme 70

All stainless outlet with Quick Connect

Dry Fitting Heat Manifold . .

Holes for Manifold Inlet/ outlet

Installed Braid Pickup

Soldered Manifold before clean up (Wish I would have had some Stay-Brite 8 low temp solder)  :(

Testing all the fits before cleaning up the manifold . .

Lots more to do . . but it's a start!

So a manifold and a braid. How does that work. Inquiring minds want to know.  ;D

The braid is for the wort pickup . . the manifold is a completely closed system and basically an indirect heating element to hold the mash temp rock solid for the duration OR to step mash if the need arises. I will have a separate heated water vessel and a March pump that is PID controlled to circulate hot water through the manifold to hold and/ or raise the mash temps . .

I have the exact same cooler that I'm in the process of converting.  Except I will be nowhere near as innovative or thorough as you.  Nice setup!

I'm putting up walls and shelves in the basement. It's about time this gets done so I have more room down there.



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