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Author Topic: Pilsner Urquell Competition Discussion  (Read 3807 times)

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Re: Pilsner Urquell Competition Discussion
« Reply #15 on: June 11, 2011, 08:12:43 pm »
Are you entered in the comp Thirsty_Monk? Why do you think it open fermenter will make a difference? Do you use open fermenter? I know they used to use open fermenters in Plzen. I think it may make a difference if you can't oxygenate the wort, because the yeast has initial supply of oxygen on the surface of the open fermenter. But if you oxygenate with pure O2 then closed fermenter should be OK in my opinion.  
No I did not enter the comp.

I brew the same recipe on two different system.
The same brewer the same recipe the same ingredients.
One fermenter was filled to 80% capacity with airlock and the other was filled to 50% capacity with pass-thru valve.
Beer with airlock was cleaner (more German) and beer with pass-thru was rounder.

I do not use oxygen. I use venturi tube for aeration.
I think open fermenter is about easy gas exchange that effect flavour profile.

Good Luck

Well, there are plenty of craft brewers who would agree with you, so there must be something to it.

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