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williamette and nz hallertauer good hops to age for a lambic?


i have about 8 oz. of williamette and 6.5 oz nz hallertauer that i have "extra".  they are from 2008.  since i have a bunch extra, i was thinking about aging these to brew a series of lambics. 

would these be good potential candidates for the hops for the future beers?

If you're going to age them it doesn't matter much, but I think those are good candidates.

thanks denny.   

Typically you want low alpha hops.  Those would be fine.

If you want to do it quickly, an hour or so at 200F in the oven will really accelerate the process.  It is just time and temp.  Hegh temp results in low time.  I have done this with good results.  Don't catch the hops on fire - I have not done this, but when I read about this technique, there was a caution.


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