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i want a hop flavor a powerful as Stone's Riunition IPA or southern tiers imperial IPA.  someone please help im tired of failing.  i need to know the tricks of the trade,

Late hopping and dry hopping.
Also proper hop selection is VERY important.

Assuming they're reasonably high alpha, about 5 oz total is what I'd use for an IPA. Roughly 1 oz at 60 min, 2 oz in the last 15 min, 1 oz at flameout and 1 oz dry hop.

Here's a look at a hopping schedule that you might use to get huge hop flavor and aroma. It isn't just about quantity (though there certainly is that) is is about timing. Also it is about how quickly you can cool your wort! If you wort sits aorund over 140 degrees for long you are utilizing alpha acids and loosing flavor and aroma. Find a method that will quickly cool and stat cooling immediately! This is one reason I prefer an IC over a CFC.

note the recipe is for 12 gallons

Little Big IIPA

12 Gallons
Approx 95 IBUs
OG 1.080

15lbs American 2-Row
15 lbs Crisp Maris Otter
2lbs Crystal 40L
1.5 lb Table Sugar (sucrose)

Hops (all whole hops)
2oz Centennial FWH
2oz Amarillo (7aa) 60 min
2oz Centennial (8aa) 30 min
2oz Amarillo (7aa) 20 min
2oz Centennial (8aa) 15 min
2oz Centennial (8aa) 5 min
2oz Amarillo (7aa) 0 min
2oz Centennial 8aa) 0 min

Dry Hops (hop pellets) 1 oz Centennial in primary after fermentation slows for 7-10 days
Dry Hop 1oz Amarillo and 1.5 oz Centennial in keg

US-05 yeast

Mash in at 152 for 60 min. Boil 90 min. Pitch at 62 and ferment at 68. Drink young and eagerly!

This is my recipe.

7 lbs Amber liquid malt extract
1 lb   Pale malt
.5lbs Crystal Malt 60L
.5lbs Wheat

2 oz Magnum 14.2%
2 oz Chinock  13.1%
4 oz Cascade
1 oz Saaz
Wyeast Propagator American Ale 

20 minute steep at 155 F
add extract bring to boil
2 oz magnum leaf  60 minutes
1 oz chinock       60 minutes
1 oz chinock      30 minutes
1.5 oz cascade  7 minutes
1.5 oz cascade   2 minutes
1 oz saaz           2 minutes
1 oz cscade     dry
10 day primary 2 week secondary with dry hop.  to keg.   still didnt get what i was looking for.  to be honest its not even close and barley drinkable.  what am i doing wrong.


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