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Author Topic: Arctic Alchemy- A film about beer on Kickstarter !  (Read 2267 times)

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Arctic Alchemy- A film about beer on Kickstarter !
« on: June 27, 2011, 07:08:26 pm »
In an effort to bring a movie about beer, brewing and adventure to the silver screen and do it independently, I have registered and been accepted by

There have been so few TV or movies that have been dedicated to beer, most of the ones I have seen have been a bit silly ( Beerfest comes to mind- it has it's place, not being too critical of it ) , Beer Wars is excellent, as well as An American Brew. On television, we all had high hopes that Sam C. would be able to overcome the oh so predictable framework that the Discovery Channel uses on every show they produce., too bad PBS or the Travel Channel didn't get to Sam first.

Producing and directing a full feature film is a daunting task to say the least, but financing is truly the toughest part. If you are not aware of the magic of crowd funding, you may want to get familiar with Kickstarter, it's the new wave of organically produced and entrepreneurial spirited individuals sharing ideas and bringing them to life. The concept is much like the street musician , who plays for the crowd and leaves his guitar case open, hoping that a few will throw a few coins or dollars in to keep the spirit alive and keep the musician playing and eating. This is a way for regular people to do extraordinary things , think you could open a brewery this way ? yes , you can , there are some funding their brewing dreams on Kickstarter right now.

Arctic Alchemy is my story of driving my motorcycle 4000 miles to the Arctic in Canada , while towing a portable brewery, to recreate a mysterious ale from 1852 , support from the AHA about it here : It's also been covered in several newspapers, magazines , television , and radio.

I am not asking for a donation here, I am simply directing you to be aware of it and share the idea with friends and fellow homebrewers, this is a very cool story about beer , brewing, history and motorcycle adventure. check it out !
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Re: Arctic Alchemy- A film about beer on Kickstarter !
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2011, 07:48:02 pm »
Sounds like a viable plan and I hope you can achieve your goal.

Good Luck Chris!
Ron Price