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Cooler woes.

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Last year I upgraded to a Coleman Extreme 70qt for my batch-sparge setup.

This cooler will keep stuff frozen for days on end. However at mash temps it loses about up to 5 degrees over 90 minutes. I noticed this after the initial couple of batches and attributed it to thermal absorption even though I pre-heat my tun.

Now I'm not so sure. Maybe I'm losing some heat around the lid somehow? Anyone got any ideas?

Hi euge,

I have the same cooler and rarely lose 2 degrees in 90 minutes.  Couple thoughts.  Make sure you stir up the mash thoroughly.  Cover the cooler with towels, blanket, sleeping bag or something to help insulate it. Don't open it again until you're pouring the vorlouf back in.  Maybe others will have more ideas...

+1 on covering it with towls.  I had a heat loss problem during the winter months until I used the towls.

+1 on towels, etc.

Another guy I talk with has fitted the inside of the cooler with some solid styrofoam to increase the insulation.  I worry about that becoming another source for mold/etc.

My Cube 60Qt held to about 1 degree on a 90 minute mash in 30 degree weather, I am good with that.

I forgot to ask-Is the cooler blue?  Red and Silver coolers are inferrior.


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