Author Topic: sierra nevada best of beer camp 2011 mix pack vol 1 California Common  (Read 653 times)

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First let me say, I have the best wife in the world. I got home from work today and looked in the fridge to find a SN best of beer camp mix pack with a sign on it saying happy fathers day.

Just had the California common. at first I was not terribly impressed, but as the beer warmed up just a little the maltiness came through in a nice way. A little bready. definite 'lager' character but good solid mouthfeel. Hops are balanced if a little sharp when the beer is cold.

I will be happy to drink this one at least 2 more times (12 beers, 4 varieties)
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That's awesome of your wife.   I just tried their barleywine and I was very impressed.