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Canning Wort for Starters in Pressure Canner

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I am cooking a bunch of quart jars of 1.030 wort on the stove as I type this.
I also put some water into pint jars and process them as well. That way,
I can have both starter wort, and sterile water on hand for yeast processes.

I use the sterile water for re-hydrating dry yeast.
I use the sterile wort for propagation of liquid and or other yeast cultures.

Anyone else use this method?

Disclaimer:  I do not endorse trying the above mentioned methods until you
fully understand the risks and methods involved in PROPER home canning.
For proper methods, see your food canner instruction sheets AND visit your
local university extension office.  Also your extension office is a great place
to physically take your canner/cooker and have it pressure checked for accuracy,
and safety.

Haven't ever done it but it's on my list of things to research and try out at some point in time.

Tygo, it is so good to be able to decide that you wanna make a starter ahead of time....and to go
get a jar of prepared wert.... put it into your starter vessel and innoculate it on the stirplate...
and have your starter ready in 24 hrs or so....

The thing of concern is botulism spores that need to be killed.... this is done by pressure canning
where the spores are rendered impotent and do not propogate. The spores are killed by keeping
the media at certain parameters for a length of time....the parameters are dependant upon your
physical altitude...which is the determining factor of the boiling point of water where YOU are.

Yeah, I've looked into the science behind it and done some reading on the canning procedure.  I need a pressure cooker and some other supplies for yeast ranching but there are a couple other projects in line ahead of that.  I do like the idea of having canned wort for starters on hand.

I've done it but got away from it.
Really need to get back at it as its SOOOOOO convenient to have wort at the ready.

We pressure can fish stock, venison stock, turkey, red gravy etc as well.


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