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Samuel Adams Boston Lager GLASSES

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I just recieved a gift of these glasses, a 4 set. " Take Pride in your Beer" copy right mark on the silkscreened back of the
glass and "Samuel Adams Boston Lager " screened on the front.
The booklet says " The bead inside the rim creates turbulence to release flavor and aroma as beer enters the mouth."
"Narrowing the glass at the top retains the hop aroma and sustains the head."
"Rounded shape collects aromas"
The laser etching on bottom creates bubbles for constant aroma release."
"The outward lip delivers beer to the front of the tongue where the sweetness (malt) is tasted."
" Thinner walls and rounded shape maintain proper beer temperature longer."
Endorsed by ...
Paul Pagult
Randy Mosher

I got a set for christmas and I must say, my beer never tasted or smelled better!

They are the Shiz to clean...bottom is so narrow ya cannot reach in to the bottom.

They are a great all purpose glass.
Really accentuate hop and malt aromas.

I absolutely love my set. Thanks again Jimbo!  :-*

Just watch him at beer fests

HABITUAL line cutter  ;D

The Professor:
Interesting design, but still doesn't beat a classic Nonick or a simple straight sided glass.
They look funky, but I don't buy into the commercial hype and the nonsense about concentrating aromas etc...please, spare me. 

Bt really, the main thing that bothers me about them is bars that use them, and selling the clearly short measure as a pint pour.  At pint prices. 
Pretty tacky.


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