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Ok, I know... I already wrote something, but it occurred to me afterwards that there should be a mission statement to this.

The background: At the 2011 AHA Conference, a foolhardy and dedicated bunch of folks sat down with Tom Schmidlin (Cascade Brewers Guild, WAHA) , Chuck West (QUAFF), Roxanne Westendorf (Bloatarian Brewer's League) and myself  (Maltose Falcons) and we got to work on figuring out how to run a club. We had ~100 people in our talk. That's about 80 more than I expected during a 9AM seminar on the morning after Club Night!

It quickly became apparent during the whole thing that we had a ton of questions from the need to officially organize, the trials of insurance, growth and even what to do with unruly members.

Consider this step 1 in our plan to make this a lot easier for everyone to deal with!

If you have any questions you want to ask anonymously - feel free to PM me or email me at and I'll ask away for you.

Tooling around on here and I stumbled upon this post. I am one of four that just recently started a home brew club in Mississippi. We have adopted by-laws to have these set in stone before we have membership come in. Luckily there are other home brew clubs in our are that have been a lot of help. I'm curious to know about what insurance. Should we be concerned about this? Is this something we should consider at the start up of our home brew club? What insurance should we consider? I'm sure there is much much more that I am missing out, and will come back with more questions at a later date.

Thanks a lot and Cheers!

Hola Wick!

Congrats on starting the club. If you're a 4 brewer operation right now, I wouldn't sweat the insurance question just yet. For now, I would think your energies would be better spent on finding your club's groove and attracting members to the organization.

Please feel free to ask anything. There's a bunch of folks here with a lot of experience running clubs. Hopefully, some of it will be useful!


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