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Dry hopping and contamination

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I dry hopped for the first time about a month ago with excellent results in the flavor and aroma area but I ended up clogging my bottle filler with hops. 
I've heard of putting the hops in a grain bag or putting some stockings on the end of the siphon tube when transferring to the bottling bucket but I'm worried about contamination.  How do I ensure cleanliness of the grain bag or the stocking?  I thought of getting a giant stainless steel tea ball but then realized it wouldn't fit in the carboy :).


I just dunk them in my bucket of star san.

FWIW. I use a plastic screen on the end of my racking cane.  I've also heard to use a piece of a SS or copper scrubie tied to the end.  When my plastic screen finally breaks I'm going to try that.

The chances for contamination are pretty slim after the beer has fermented. Not that it's totally impossible, but much less than before it's fermented. I use the white, knee-high nylon hose and throw 'em in a small sauce pan and heat them up for a few minutes while I'm getting the hops ready.   

I see a good use for some cheep Vodka here.


--- Quote from: 1vertical on December 28, 2009, 08:27:54 AM ---I see a good use for some cheep Vodka here.

--- End quote ---

Why bother wasting vodka, especially since I don't know how effective it would be.  I put my hop bags in a cup or 2 of water in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and they're good to go.


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