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What do you guys do to keep the membership interested, involved and entertained?

I was thinking of taking a cue from the BJCP reception rescue from near disaster and see if we couldn't do a Skype speaker at one of our meetings.

Beer and BBQ of course. One of our local clubs is hosting a Beer and BBQ this coming weekend. Everyone brings their favorite recipes.

A match made in heaven.  ;)  8)

We have a variety of activities - some that are standard/repeating, others have a run of a couple of years, and still others are one-time (or once every 5+ years ;)) types of things.  For example:

Our all-keg competition & party (every year for MANY years) and our club only competition.
Brewing challenges like fixed recipe and Iron Brewer (can do for 2-3 years before people burn out).
Technical talks & style nights
Equipment nights (making, showing, swapping are all options)
Name that beer
Anything involving beer & food & families
Brewouts & campouts (complete with secret ceremony)
Mead meetings (disucssion or making a mead, followed by tasting of everything that members bring - designated driver strongly recommended)
Bottle exchange at holiday parties (usually pot luck - AND - a few vertical tasting generally pop up).
Barrel filling get togethers.

I can provide details of any of these for folks who are interested.

We are constantly making our meetings fun, entertaining, and educational. Here are somethings we do.

* We try to get local pro brewers come to our meetings. We have had about 10-12 head brewers come out. They discuss how they started, the brewery process, and things like that. We try to get a brewers beer on tap for the night so we can talk about that beer.
* Hold internal competitions. We hold 3-4 internal competitions a year. Our biggest is our Iron Brewer comp. We also work with the same local brewery's. They give us yeast or a base wort and we have a comp on what we can do with it.
* Have our own members discuss their brew days, equipment, stuff like that.
* Beer Reps. We find it easy to get local Beer reps to come to a meeting. We have about 50 people show up for our meetings. Beer reps love that.
* We have had a rep from White Labs and East Coast Yeast to give up Yeast presentations.
* Beer Trivia

Even with all this, we do hit lulls. It's tough keeping the club fresh and exciting. We are only 3 years old and are hitting these issues. I am sure the older clubs may hit these issues to a larger extent.

One of the things that's gone really well for our club meetings is the occasional "Tech Trivia" night.  Formatted like the old GE College Bowl (c'mon, somebody besides me has got to be old enough to remember that!).  Start with a tossup question.  Each team buzzes in (I bring and old synthesizer with sound FX) and whoever buzzes first gets a chance to answer the question.  If they get it right, they get to try to answer 3 more questions.  If they're wrong, the other team gets a shot.   


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