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Best Malz lot analysis?

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maybe you measured wrong.  ;)


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--- Quote from: babalu87 on December 28, 2009, 12:21:06 PM ---82.5 Denny but that was from this past Spring

I have the PDF if you want it

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Thanks, that's good enough.  Still trying to figure out how I got 97% mash efficiency and 93% into the fermenter!

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I usually see a bump with it was well but have attributed that to decoction/step mashing that I use when making German beers.
That looks like more than a bump though  ;D

Single infusion for me, and it's about 10 pts. higher than is normal for me.

Denny, you should not see a jump of 10% from 87% to 97%. Especially when you batch sparge with only one sparge and when you brew breers as strong as your sig suggests. There is a limit to what you can get with batch sparging and that is about 85-87%.

Contributing all the 10% to the malt is also difficult since the variances you would see in malt's extract potential might up to 3% but not more than that.


I agree with you Kai, but I'm not sure what else to attribute it to.  I was shooting for an OG of 1.052.  I used 17 lb. of Best pils malt (nothing else) and got 11.3 gal. of 1.052 pre boil.  I boiled down to just over 9 gal. and ended up at 1.060.


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