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The AHA sent out two Action Alerts today.

In Michigan, HB 4061, a bill to allow homebrew to be served at breweries pubs and bars for club meetings & competitions, passed the House June 23. Next it goes to the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee for a hearing. Michigan residents, please contact the committee members and urge them to pass the bill.

See the alert at:

In Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Brewer's Guild is asking residents for immediate help in sending a message to Governor Walker asking him to veto budget language related to microbreweries.

The language in question, known as Motion 414, would take away small brewers' abilities to distribute each other's beers and own and operate their own taverns. Such drastic alterations to a proven, successful business model will stifle growth and result in job losses.

See the alert at:

Wisconsin: Motion 414 was not vetoed.

Michigan bill HB 4061 to allow homebrew to be served at breweries pubs and bars for club meetings & competitions passed the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee Wednesday July 13 by a 7-0 vote. The bill now moves on to the full Senate for a vote in September.

We will send a follow up Action Alert to Michigan AHA members when we get closer to the Senate vote.


Now there's another reason for me to move back to Michigan ;)

Is AHA / Brewers Association involve in fixing nonsense that just happened in Wisconsin?


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