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Illinois residents, support HB630 to legalize removal of homebrew from the home for competitions, competitions, club meetings, etc.  The bill will also allow for homebrew shops to brew onsite for demonstration purposes and serve samples of homemade beer and wine.  Senate vote could happen Friday, May 7. See the action alert at

Does anybody know what is going on with the Kansas home brew bill?

The Alabama Senate passed HB9, the homebrew bill last night 18-7-1. It now goes on to Governor Bentley to sign. We'll get an action alert out soon to encourage Alabama residents to contact the Governor's office. The state's neo-prohibitionists will be calling on him to veto.

Congratulations to Alabama for officially legalizing homebrewing!!!

Yes, it's true, the Governor of Alabama signed HB 9 the homebrew legalization bill yesterday. Homebrewing is now legal in Alabama, and as of July 1, when the Mississippi law goes into effect will be legal in all 50 states for the first time since before prohibition!


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