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New Jersey residents, contact Governor Chris Christie's office and ask him to sign A-1277/S-641 on behalf of the state's craft brewers and beer drinkers. The bill, developed by the Garden State Brewers Guild, will give craft brewers in the state more flexibility in how, when and where they sell and promote their beer.  See for the full action alert.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed the pro-small brewer bill. Thanks to all who supported the cause!

The Brewers Association October legal brief is now posted:

SB2183 to legalize homebrewing in Mississippi was approved today by the Senate Economic Development Committee. It now goes on to the Senate Tourism Committee, where a vote could happen tomorrow. This is an historic moment as none of the previous homebrew bills in Mississippi have ever made it out of committee.

An identical bill has been filed in the Mississippi House.

Mississippi homebrew legalization bills cleared committees in both the Senate and House today. Next up votes in the full Senate and House. This is historic, given that no homebrew bill has ever passed out of a committee hearing in Mississippi.


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