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This could be a great year.  Hopefully the end of illegal homebrewing in the US.  Just a note, the Alabama legislative session starts Feb. 5th...the same day as the NHC registration.  Coincidence or karma?  ;)

Mississippi residents, contact your state legislators in support of homebrew legalization bills. See for more details.

Homebrew bills have been prefiled in both the House and Senate in Alabama, where the legislative session starts tomorrow.  Here's some TV news coverage of homebrewing in Alabama:

Kansas residents, support homebrew rights bill HB 2223 to allow homebrew to be served at club meetings and competitions. See the action alert to learn how:

The Mississippi homebrew legalization billed was passed by the Mississippi Senate today. House vote is next. If the House passes it, the bill will go to the Governor to sign. Getting close!

Alabama residence help legalize homebrewing in your state, support HB9 & SB171. House and Senate committee hearings will be held soon. See the action alert:


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