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--- Quote from: hopfenundmalz on February 12, 2013, 02:12:37 PM ---Gary,

Does the AHA have a media roll out planned for when (someday) homebrewing is legalized in all 50 states? That would get the word out, and would be a satisfying "victory lap" for all involved.

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Absolutely!  We will be distributing a press release far and wide.  Given the coverage, both local and nation-wide, that we are already getting without much media outreach, I think we will see substantial coverage when we can finally say that homebrewing is legal in all 50 states.

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Would be cool to see your interview on TV.  ;)

Alabama homebrew legalization bills HB9 & SB171 both passed committee hearings, yesterday and today, respectively. Next up is votes before the full House & Senate.  We are now way ahead of where we were this time last year in getting homebrew bills passed.

Mississippi homebrew legalization bill SB2138 passed the Senate earlier and should be getting a House committee assignment shortly. 

Alabama residents, support homebrew legalization bills. With HB9 and SB171 both clearing committee votes last week, these bills could now come up for a full vote before their respective chambers with very short notice. Now is the time for Alabama residents to contact the state Representative and Senator for their district and ask them to support HB9 and SB171, respectively. See the action alert at

Non-Alabama residents should not contact Alabama legislators, as contacts from out side the state could actually jeopardize passage of the bills.

Mississippi homebrew legalization bill SB 2183 was passed by the House Ways and Means committee this morning. Next it will go to the full House for a vote. If passed by the House, it then goes on to the Governor to sign into law. We're getting close!

Mississippi residents support homebrew legalization bill SB2183. Contact your state House Reps now! This bill could be called up for a vote before the full House at any time. This is the last step before the bill goes to the Governor. See the action alert at


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