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Beer Gun or Conditioning with priming sugar?

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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find any history.  My question is, When bottling a whole batch of beer is it good to use priming sugar, Or should I force carbonate and use a beer gun.  I know for shorter term bottling and comp. beers a beer gun is great.  What about long term bottled beers or just the whole batch in general.   

If I'm going to bottle a complete batch, I will usually prime with sugar and then bottle.  I don't like doing it, but doing a whole batch with a counter-pressure filler like I have, does waste quite a bit of beer, which in turn I must drink immediately. ;)  For small numbers of bottles (a case or less), the bottle filler is the way to go.  This is the way I do it, I'm sure others have their methods as well.

I have very good success bottling carbonated beer with a beer gun like device (picnic tap with short racking cane tube in the nozzle). The beer is at 30-32 F when I bottle this way and does not foam much. I catch excess foam in a large beer mug. Whith this method I generally bottle 12-24 bottles from each keg and in some cases, when I want to age the beer, I bottle the whole keg. It doesn't take me that much longer than bottling with a bottling bucket and the beer will be sediment free. The latter is a big plus if I take beer somewhere.


I like to carbonate in keg and then fill bottles with CPF if bottleing the whole batch or use picnic tap with filler wand then filling just a few bottles.

Good Q. There's really no wrong answer, just what works best for you. I prefer to force-carb & CP most smaller (<1.065) session-style beers that will be consumed within 6 months. Exception include sours & wheats, etc... I typically BC most of my big beers (>1.065) & Belgian-style ales, etc... that will continue to develop by cellaring. Again, there's really no "hard & fast" rules just what works for your homebrewery. Happy bottling!  :)


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