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Hi my name is Paul I am a home brewer from New Zealand. I have been brewing for a year now, and have the goal of setting up and running my own nano / micro brewery.

I run a web site that tracks this progress and also do homebrew video reviews. The last video review I posted was for my british ale called "Peculiar One" that I sent to a friend in New Mexico to taste and video for me.

I am looking for more American homebrewers that would like to swap beers and have them reviewed on my YouTube channel if you are interested send me an email my contact details can be found at

Hey Paul, welcome to the forum! I'm in France. I sometimes buy hops from New Zealand. Send me a cutting of a Nelson Sauvin rhizome and I'll send you anything you want from here :-P

Wonder what the penalty is in hop trafficking ;) I think it's only NZ customs that searchs for food before illegal drugs, entering the country. Out of interest what price do you pay for NZ hops in France.

Can't get them in France (yet) so I have to order from Sweden. 500 grams is about 29 euros.

RIP Paul Wicksteed.  You will be missed. 


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