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Author Topic: Frozen beer  (Read 2641 times)

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Re: Frozen beer
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2011, 10:26:11 am »

Dang....don't worry about the beer.....but what are you SERVING?

Not sure I follow Oscarvan.  Are you asking what I usually have on tap?  Until now I've been using a fridge to store my beer so there's been one lager lagering and usually a keg of amber ale in the fridge all the time.  The third spot I rotate all of those other kegs in and out depending on who's coming over, what I feel like drinking or what I've made that's new.  It's been a pain in the butt which is why I went and bought the freezer.  I can get at least 8 cornies into the freezer.  The fridge is going to get a second temp controller to become a lager fermenter (or ale in the summer if it gets too hot).

Next on the list is that Kolsch and then a wit and a saison (I think I'm gonna need a bigger freezer).