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inductor tank fermentor smell


I just got a new plastic 60 gal. conical inductor tank to ferment 40gal. batches in, but I am concerned about a milky/plastic smell that is coming from the inside ( it has been cleaned with PBW ) . Should I worry that the smell will transfer to the fermenting beer or is there a way to get rid of this smell before I put my first batch in ? Thanks

I'm using a 15 gallon Norwesco Inductor tank and didn't find that to be a problem. I used 1 Tablespoon Oxy & 1 Tablespoon TSP-90 per 5 gallons, filled it up and let it sit for a week.  Actually I do this after every brew & follow it up with a good rinse and a couple days of Starsan (3 gallons sloshed around & run through both valves numerous times each day). 


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