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OK, I have decided that home brewing is just not enough.  I am in the process of renovating an 1860s building along the Mississippi River in Minnesota and converting it to a brewpub.  I hope to be open by the spring of 2011.  First order of business is a name.  I am looking for ideas.  Reply to this post and give me your best shot.  If I use it, the beers on me (after I open of course).

Well with not a lot of back round info I can only guess some things.

How bout 'The Busted Nut'

Cause that is what you are going to be by the time you get it open.  :D

Where abouts in MN along the ole Miss.?


--- Quote from: bcnihart on December 29, 2009, 03:37:52 PM ---Don't have to be a jerk about it.  Besides, there is already a Busted Nut bar in Hastings, MN!

--- End quote ---

Uhhhm - he wasn't being a jerk at all. Relax, dude. It was a joke.

Without knowing anything about you or your interests its hard to suggest something that is meaningful to you.  Having said that, you could go for a British pub style name - The Something & Something (like Fox & Hound or Pig & Thistle) or even simpler like the Stag's Head or the Bristly Boar.

Just my .02


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