Author Topic: Looking for a Saturday Afternoon Members only event GABF 2011 ticket  (Read 1223 times)

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum to be posting this in, As this is my first post here. I am attending the GABF this year and had trouble getting the funds together in time to purchase my tickets. Today was my first chance to procure them. I was able to get the tickets for all three of the standard night sessions, however to my dismay i was unable to get tickets to the Saturday Afternoon session for members only. While i know i am most likely out of luck, i was hoping to leave this message here in hopes that if someone had a complication, or simply purchased one more than they needed, that they will contact me here and we can discuss it. Fellow beer lovers, help out a beer lover who was down on his luck during the purchase time. Thanks to all.

Dan V.