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Lag-Time for Bottle Culturing ?


I'm culturing up some DT dregs and got about 72 hours as a lag time.

Can I expect this will be the DT yeast or some wild yeast?  Airlock activity is pretty vigorous for the size of it now that it's going.

I used about 4oz from the bottom of the DT bottle with 12g of malt and 5oz of water and a pinch of nutrient.  The bottle was from '08 so over a year old.

I'm thinking I should have used less malt.

Step it up again... it will be easy to tell.  You shouldn't see as much lag this time, and you can smell it or check the FG of the starter.  If all you got was bacteria or wild yeast, it will smell sour and probably be underattenuated compared to a healthy yeast starter.

I just stepped it up a couple hours ago and it's bubbling already.  I kept everything sanitized including the DT bottle (the air in the starter vessel would be my only killer).  I should be good to go.  I didn't smell any funk.  I'll check again tomorrow.


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