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4 kegs and your shelves and drawers in a serving fridge, you can do it

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Common issue with using a fridge/freezer is having room for 4 kegs.
Its a waste land of space when you lose the drawers AND the shelving, space much better suited for yeast, bottled beer a gallon of milk etc.

What I did was start by putting a piece of primed and painted plywood on the bottom shelve above the drawers, this leaves enough room for the kegs and QD's while allowing us to still have usage of the drawers.

4 kegs are about 2" wider than the shelves, not wanting to lose all that shelve space was the next project to tackle.
Fridge shelves are made of tempered glass, cant be cut. What to do.........?

Shelves can be put together then they can certainly be taken apart right?
Lucky me, I had some Lexan at home that was the same thickness as the glass. Cut to fit and re-assemble the shelve, CARFULLY move the mounting bracket on the back of the fridge. I drilled a TINY pilot hole first then feel around to ensure I wasnt hitting any reefer tubes.
Shelving next to the 4 kegs.
Attatch a drip tray, serving fridge DONE.



That's a pretty sweet sight.  Good Work!

Where is your CO2 tank?

Nice work!!


--- Quote from: Thirsty_Monk on December 30, 2009, 09:58:32 AM ---Where is your CO2 tank?

Nice work!!

--- End quote ---

Outside next to the lagering fridge :D


One corner of the basement looks like this:

[Serving fridge] X [Upright freezer] X [CO2 tank] X [Lagering keezer]

Too bad you ruined it by putting that ugly sticket on it  :D

I am not talking about the homebrew one either.


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