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in-line wort aerator


Matt B:
Okay, I got bored. Built another in-line wort aerator since I had the bits to do it, and I just enjoy making this stuff.

1/2" female NPT for wort in/out and a 3/8" nipple for you to attach whatever you want for gas (barb, valve with barb, gas QD). I used a 2 micron aeration stone, this is more than sufficient while doing it in-line vs .5 micron on a wand in your fermenter. Also used 3/4" copper instead of 1" as the 3/4" still had plenty of room around the stone for full flow which made it far more compact than the 1" I'm currently using.

You'll notice some gunk around the barb end of the stone where its inserted into the tube, this is food-safe JB weld to keep the thing attached, I didn't want to try and weld it on even though the pipe itself is stainless steel.

Matt B:
Haven't moved this yet.. Let me know if you're interested.

If you still have this for sale, how much?

Matt B:
Sent you a PM..



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