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Author Topic: 2014 Governing Committee Election results  (Read 5386 times)

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Re: 2014 Governing Committee Election results
« Reply #30 on: April 20, 2014, 03:34:06 pm »
Well, I was one of the 4%, and so happy to have had the opportunity to read the bios / statements by the various candidates.  True, true, true!  Each is obviously generous, talented, well-qualified, above average and good looking.  Seriously, congratulations to all for participating, and big HUZZAH for the winners.

I too wish that I had the wherewithal to be engaged in the national competitions so that I had the chance to meet you good folks!  Home craft brewing (of course pro craft brewing too) has definitely become more and more a passionate activity for many in America and abroad. 

It appears we have a great cross-section to represent the community, education, representation, and yes, marketing that are part of that "growth sector".  I for one, have learned so much, and enjoyed very much participating in the AHA forum, and hope to for years to come.
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