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Pint of Reference: A Guide To The Federal Homebrewing Exemption Statute

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Congrats, Denny.  Rational legislatures are a thing of wonder around these parts.

Illinois can't get anything done the first time around - it takes a few times to make sure all palms are properly greased.

Very nice post! Here in Utah, they just passed a home brew transport law that allows the transport of no more than 64oz of home brew. One growler.. It would seem rather hard in my opinion to regulate this law. I can get more than one growler at the local brew pub. Just saying...

Thanks Patriot and Gary for a rather in depth explanation. :)

Have you ever heard of any cases where someone was prosecuted for exceeding the limits or transporting ?

I would guess it would be hard to enforce the maximum allowable limits.  If your Posting all your batches made on facebook and other places may be one way to tell if your exceeding your limits. And one may want to pay cash for kits and ingredients every now and then as to not create a paper trail. 

Again, thanks for the information.

What an excellent post! Thank you, Pawtucket Patriot (Matt, is it?), for writing such an informative and comprehensive explanation of applicable law(s). This is very interesting stuff, especially for a new homebrewer such as myself.

Also, I want to give my thanks to Denny for all your efforts on getting SB444 signed in to law. As a fellow Oregonian, it is MUCH appreciated.  ;)


Pawtucket Patriot:
Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments!  I'm glad that people are getting something out of that post. 

Stealthbrewer: to date, I have not heard of anyone being prosecuted for exceeding the limits or violating any removal/use restrictions.  But I have heard of several state-level agencies enforcing state laws that are more restrictive than the federal homebrewer's exemption.

Keep on brewing!



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